Video Production

Why video? It lets your audience get to know you in an authentic way. When people hear and see you speak, they feel a connection that can prompt action. Video can also inform, educate, and entertain. It's a powerful medium. Take a look at some of the work we're doing, and then let's talk about your needs.

Share Your Story

Sometimes you just turn on a camera, and the story pours out. That's what happened at Providence Farm where staff and clients are doing amazing work to build community in a sober environment... and yes, we did get to see the animals!


Raise Awareness

Kids have wonderful things to say!  They really opened up in  this video we created to help CATCH: Community Action Together for Children's Health raise awareness about mental health.  And yes, we filmed all the interviews on smartphones.  Sometimes, that's all you need!


Promote Your Business

You aren't the only one who can promote your business or organization.  Your most satisfied customers and clients are amazing spokespeople too!  Take a look at one of the promotional videos we created for The Fresh Plan... and yes, we are big fans!  


Post on Social Media

How do you keep up with the demands of social media?  Let us build a library for you.  You'll have content at your fingertips!  A recent project for My Density Matters provided the client with numerous videos, blogs, and quotes.

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Inform & Celebrate

We interviewed influencers via Zoom to create this informative and celebratory video for JIMENA, a nonprofit working to preserve and protect the heritage of Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews.


Fundraise with Video

When you're fundraising, potential donors want to know how their money will impact other people's lives. In this piece, clients of Coalition Legal talked about their personal experience to illustrate the life-changing work of this organization.


Educate with Role Plays

Video is a great tool for education, and it's especially powerful when you want to highlight a verbal message. We recorded these role plays for Project Shema to use during workshops on dealing with antisemitism.