Sharing Our Story, Showing Our Value

Our Services

Creating content is just part of the service we provide.  Before your message goes out on your website, via email, and on social media platforms, Purple Turtle Communications is here to help you define your story, show your value, and develop the trust that will build your circle and connect your clients and customers to you.

Why choose Purple Turtle Communications?  It all starts with a good story...

The Purple Turtle

When I was a kid, every time I visited the public library, I checked out the exact same book: The Purple Turtle. It was filled with delightful stories that I loved reading day after day after day. 

I've always remembered the cover of the book and exactly where to find it on the shelf of the old Glenview Public library.

My husband knew I loved this book, but it was out of print and difficult to find. Lucky for me, he tracked down an old copy, and now I have my very own edition sitting on my office shelf.

My Career

My fascination with a good tale evolved to real-life stories and my career as an Emmy-award winning Producer and Executive Producer in television news starting in Fort Myers, FL, stopping in Houston, TX, and coming home to several newsrooms in Chicago. 

Every day, I had the pleasure of learning about and reporting on other people’s stories and sharing the information that affected the community. It was an honor to provide this public service.

Emmy Awards, WBBM-TV, Chicago

KPRC-TV Control Room, Houston, TX

WBBM-TV Newsroom, Chicago

Video Production, Temple Jeremiah, 2019

And Now...

All those years in local newsrooms taught me to understand and connect with the audience. The first step is creating great content by combining the right words with dynamic pictures while prioritizing the information that matters most. Then it takes strategy to distribute and engage others.

I’m thrilled to help individuals, organizations, and small businesses connect with their communities through websites, newsletters, social media and more. 

That’s my story. I hope you see the value for you. 

Let’s work together so we can SHARE YOUR STORY and SHOW YOUR VALUE.

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